• Humans
    Saypiens are the dominant race of Arpana. Gnomes are small Humans. Halflings are halfway between Human and Gnome. All three are the same species and intermarry frequently.
  • Scalians
    Scalians have two arms, a tail, and are coated from head to tail with scales. Merfolk thrive in the oceans as can breath underwater in adulthood. Iguanar use their strong clawed forearms and tails to easily navigate through the trees of their native forests and swamps.
  • Elves
    Long ago, Elves had a powerful and advanced civilization. Their old civilization had a terrible end. After the catastrophe, the Elves left their ruined homeland, and split up into groups that each blame the others for their once great people’s fate.
  • Earthen
    Earthen have extremely dense tough bodies. Dwarves are short and strong and tend to live in mountains and caves. Giants are extremely large and strong, and they tend to live peacefully on their farms.

Races of Unexploria





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