Dorster is a large city in southeast Arpana. It is a center of trade for the region, as well as the main port for imports from Azurac. It is probably the wealthiest city in the world.

Dorster is a plutocracy. The city is ruled by the Trade Council of Arpana. Council members are known as Trade Princes to their underlings and called The Robber Barons by their enemies. Council is funded by donations, and those who make the most donations run the Council. A failed bid for power can result in financial ruin. The balance of power on the Council rarely shifts, and the policies of the Council work to maintain the Council Members power.

Council Opposition
The Arpanian Freemen are the most direct opposition to the Council. They are and are supported by farmers, craftsmen, and lesser merchants who feel they have been locked out of fair trade by the Council by way of tolls and taxes instituted by the Council.

Orcs have interfered with efforts to colonize and exploit Azurac. More info in the Orcs section.

Barbarians from the mountains in northern Arpana have historically been a problem for civilized people, but now they are mostly pacified.


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